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A closely disputed finish is always thrilling. But in the split-second world of Formula 1 even one second isn’t that close. A Grand Prix finish doesn’t become utterly electrifying until it is down to one-tenth-of-a-second – about one car-length on a typical circuit. And if it’s less than 0.1 seconds, the cars will be wheel-to-wheel as they take the chequer. But these are rarities, just seven to date with a winning margin of 0.1s or less. This collection, listing all races when cars crossed the finish line less than 0.3s apart, contains some breathtaking Grand Prix moments. But to the shame of those involved, there are also some cuckoos in the nest, five of which are painted Ferrari rosso.

36 The first cuckoo. A formation finish on debut
47 Did he or didn’t he?
98 He won his very first GP – just!
159 Pipped at the post
Race 181   AUTHOR’S PICK
206 Five cars disputed closest finish in history
349 A legendary high-speed convoy
370 A thrilling drag to the line (1)
415 His final victory was a close call
422 A thrilling drag to the line (2)
494 Soaking up the pressure
522 Thou shalt not pass
654 A gifted victory under Ferrari team orders
686 Cynical or what? That notorious Ferrari swop
689 Yet more Ferrari frolics?
695 A Ferrari 1-2 that should have been 2-1
696 A bungled Ferrari ‘dead-heat’
735 Young pretender resists reigning champ
835 Night stalker

Race 181   AUTHOR’S PICK

Four cars crossed the line as one

It has to be this one. I was there to see JYS win his first title.