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The United States has featured in the Formula 1 World Championship since its inception in 1950. Few seasons have passed without US participation through drivers, teams and races, let alone Ford engines and Goodyear tyres that powered or shod literally hundreds of race winners. For its first eleven years, the incomparable Indianapolis 500-mile Race was part of the F1 championship, as was Paris born American driver Harry Schell, who paved the way for the rest. In 1960, Scarab, the first US team to enter F1, was bankrolled by Woolworth millions, whereas the new US assault in 2016 emanates from machine tools magnate Gene Haas. Including Ford’s Jaguar F1 project, Haas F1 is the ninth US team to compete for honours in Formula 1. US teams have won races but never titles, whereas two US drivers have conquered the pinnacle of motorsport by winning the World Drivers’ Championship. The following collection of races showcases USA successes and milestones over more than sixty years of the Formula 1 World Championship.

2 Harry Schell, first American to participate
3 First of 11 Indy 500 races in championship
44 Bill Vukovich, first death in championship
52 Harry Schell, first point in a F1 Grand Prix
58 Masten Gregory, first US podium
60 The lost promise of Herbert Mackay-Fraser
70 AC Cobra legend Carroll Shelby’s debut
83 First US Grand Prix run at Sebring, FL
93 Phil Hill, first Grand Prix winner for USA
94 US Grand Prix switches to Riverside, CA
101 Phil Hill, first US champion at tragic Monza
102 Watkins Glen, home to F1 for 20 years
106 Dan Gurney wins his first, Porsche’s only
141 Richie Ginther wins Goodyear’s first of 368
154 Dan Gurney’s Eagle, first victorious US F1 car
229 Peter Revson, fourth US driver to win in F1
275 Penske win one year after Donohue tragedy
292 Shadow, USA’s third successful F1 team
311 Mario Andretti’s F1 title marred by tragedy
373 US uniquely stage three F1 races in a season
629 The 368th and final GP victory for Goodyear
644 The 176th and final GP victory for Ford
661 Indianapolis returns to the F1 calendar
877 Austin TX stage US GP at superb COTA
936 Team Haas finish sixth on F1 debut


Debut win for DFV was first of 176 for Ford engines

Ford sponsorship of the Cosworth DFV engine heralded a golden era for Formula 1