Race Pods

Since the very first F1 World Championship race at Silverstone on the 13 May 1950, more than 900 Grand Prix races have been won and lost.

These races, fought on the great circuits of the world, are the beating heart of each F1 season, the place where the finest drivers, cars and teams gather to compete at the pinnacle of motorsport for the coveted World Championship.

The building blocks of Formula 1: All the Races are its unique ‘Race Pods’. ‘Race Pods’ blend words with information to produce a dynamic three-minute ‘heads-up’ on every single one of those World Championship races.

Take a look around a ‘Race Pod’. Familiarise yourself with each of the four main panels that comprise the new expanded version. This improvement, in response to reader feedback, was introduced from the 2012 season to accommodate the top-ten race finishers:


1. RACE REPORT: The heart of each ‘Race Pod’ is the written report, normally beginning with qualifying and the fight for pole position. Although naturally the narrative focuses on the winner, other drives, battles and incidents that characterised the way the race played out are also covered, together with the significance of the results to the world championship contest.

2. RACE DYNAMICS: This information adds appreciably to the understanding of the race and its outcome. ‘Lap Leaders’ and ‘Winner’s Laps’ are particularly informative along with the prevailing weather conditions, invariably a decisive factor. The driver recording ‘Fastest Lap’, and on which lap, often speaks volumes, as too the margin by which ‘Pole Position’ was won.

3. RACE RESULTS: In addition to the results themselves, further essential data is given for ‘Pit-Stops’ and ‘Tyre Strategy’, especially valuable since the use of control tyres (Primes/Options) was adopted from the 2007 season. The starting ‘Grid’ position (allowing for penalties) and the ‘Gap’ in seconds to the winning ‘Race Time’ also add further texture to the written race report.

4. RACE RECORDS: The expanded ‘Race Pod’ has spawned a useful extra panel. It provides space for incidental facts and opinion, especially the landmarks and milestones every F1 fan enjoys. It’s also a place to capture the little gems picked up from team radio, or paddock reaction and pit-lane politics that all add to the magic of Formula 1.

The new-look ‘Race Pods’ in this 2016 edition of Formula 1: All the Races feature ‘call-out’ RACE HEADLINES that enable readers to appreciate the book in entirely new ways. More than ever, ‘Race Pods’ uniquely combine vivid word sketches with dynamic race stats to bring you the races you know and love… or would love to know.