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For many, overtaking is what motor RACING is all about. So making a pass to WIN is the quintessence. Overtaking a closely matched car, its driver equally intent on victory, isn’t easy. To paraphrase Graham Hill, It takes planning. You probe, you feel, working out where is going to be the best place. Where he is a little bit quicker, where you are a little bit quicker.” Even with DRS, it’s the same today. If that doesn’t work, the attacking driver has other options: opportunism, especially the use of backmarkers; forcing driver error or car failure; intimidation, even ceding to the ‘red mist’ and going for it with eyes tight shut. All these scenarios are represented in this formidable race collection of superlative F1 racing moments, many truly heart-stopping, one undoubtedly a ‘red mist’ moment (for P2).

32 Forced error or costly mistake? You be judge
62 Little chance for Ferrari duo on penultimate lap
91 Hounded leader into costly error with six to go
159 Forced Brabham wide and onto the loose stuff
187 Leader forced into last-lap error at final hairpin
431 Few have passed Senna around the outside
Race 443   AUTHOR’S PICK
459 Exploited back-markers to overtake… Senna
478 On lap 58 the dénouement was simply poetic
490 ‘Red mist’ pass on fast bumpy outer line(for P2)
507 Winner overtook for lead not once, but twice
535 Four first-lap passes, victory inevitable
578 Intimidatory overtaking: ‘yield or we crash’
596 Around the outside of Parabolica on lap 16
659 Darted to the right beneath them, three abreast
738 Leader’s last-lap breakage due to forced error
749 One race, two great passes, one by the winner
846 Forced the leader into a last-lap mistake
852 Used the grass at Curva Grande for crucial pass


The greatest dummy ever sold… or ever bought!

I was at Stowe that year and saw it all. My greatest F1 moment?