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Monaco Magic



The iconic ‘round the houses’ street circuit holds many myths and legends including three Monte Carlo Masters who share 16 victories. The challenge of Monaco is unique, its narrow twisting track requiring absolute precision and total concentration. One slip and the unforgiving barriers are merciless. With overtaking nigh on impossible, winning the coveted pole position demands the utmost of a driver’s speed, accuracy and nerve. Racing a F1 car around Monaco is bizarre, indeed 1981 winner Nelson Piquet likened it to trying to ride a bicycle around your living room, but also added, “a win here was worth two anywhere else”. Victory at Monaco is highly prized because since first held in 1929, the race has cast a spell over the motor racing community. Situated on the cote d’azure, the Principality exudes a heady mix of glamour, prestige and tradition like no other. It’s F1’s jewel in the crown. This list of 20 races includes great moments and milestones that epitomize the magic that is Monaco.

2 Pileup greets Ferrari’s championship debut
43 Ascari’s legendary harbour plunge
95 The greatest ‘against the odds’ victory ever?
133 Graham Hill and BRM score remarkable hat-trick
176 Graham Hill makes it five from seven
Race 187    AUTHOR’S PICK
212 French virtuosity extraordinaire: Part 1
334 Duck… low flying Tyrrell
363 Five minutes of F1 magic
394 Rookie Senna challenges Prost for first win
424 Prost claims supremacy with hat-trick from pole
455 Late Senna mistake gifts Prost his fourth
504 Hat-trick establishes Senna pre-eminence
522 Senna defies Mansell to win his fifth
538 Senna’s sixth from 7 exceeds G Hill’s record
587 French virtuosity extraordinaire: Part 2
670 Schumacher’s fifth and final matches G Hill
757 Schumacher plays dirty at Rascasse
903 Rosberg plays dirty at Mirabeau?
922 Hamilton gifts Rosberg prized Monaco hat-trick

Race 187   AUTHOR’S PICK

One of the greatest last-lap thrillers

A tough call between this and Race 95, but Jochen just takes it from Stirling